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  • Hand Stitching Bullions

Bullion Whimsies DVD

Beginners guide to bullion stitch embroiderey! 

Join Kari as she guides you in selecting her favorite tools and following simple rules for creating the much admired basic bullion.Flowers, fairies and a whole kingdom of creatures magically appear– all as a result of her easy to learn steps for wrapping strands of floss around a needle.  It won’t be long before striped, looped, or coiled bullions appear beneath your fingertips and you will be learning how to gather bullions together for your own family of creatures and floral whimsy-scapes. Her signature garment stylings are sure to inspire you to make frequent trips to a land where bullion whimsies dwell.

Candied Kisses FREE Bullion design.

49 minutes long

Bullion stitch