Confused by pricing.....

Here's how it works.  The cost of any item on this page starts at $15.00 (the lowest priced item).  Choose a more expense option and the difference is added to the $15.00 base price (this is the "+ $00.00" amount in drop down menu) this "+ $00.00" is not the cost of the item, but the added amount over the base $15.00 cost. 

The most confusing of these options is the "Kit Only" option (a $20.00 item).  The system shows a +$5.00 because you are already paying a $15.00 base cost (the lowest priced item) and the system needs to add an additional $5.00 to make the total $20.00.



Special Downloads from Kari Me Away


Candied Kisses By Kari mecca



Candied Kisses Bullion Whimsy Design




Flower Purse Pattern


Little Miss Sunshine
Flower Purse Pattern





Sew Beautiful Magazine


Fancy Flower Calyx



Wool Felt Heart Needlebook & Needlebook Organizer patterns.

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Free pillowcase pattern to download!

Sheri's Cherries Pattern Correction 
Download new panty construction method.

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