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  • Sewing with Whimsy DVD cover
  • "Adorable You" Dress
  • "Color Me Happy" dress
  • Rainbow Sherbet dress

Sewing with Whimsy DVD

Sewing for kids at it's best in these enchanting techniques featured in the Sewing with Whimsy book!

Kari Mecca and whimsy go together as naturally as ice-cream and kids or peanut butter and jelly. And now you can pair your copy of Kari’s book, Sewing with Whimsy, with an inspiring instructional sewing DVD with a title that leaves no room for confusion. The Sewing with Whimsy DVD brings all the uniqueness of sewing kids clothes in Kari Mecca's sought-after teaching style to your very own sewing room. You’ll be able to watch and listen as Kari shows you how to duplicate sewing the patterns, adding trims and clever fabric techniques that make her stye so unique.

Step-by-step hand sewing instructions come alive through Kari’s voice and hands as rickrack and ribbon flowers bud and blossom before your eyes. You’ll learn Kari’s secrets of "the fast hem"- a contrasting hemband, mitered and layered trims, using your sewing machine’s ruffler foot for gathering and adding the sparkle of beads. Kari’s sewing artistry abounds from beginning to end, and her fanciful designs will leave you completely enchanted!

60 minutes long

Buy both and save 50% on book price!